Just a PSA for those who may also be worried about losing anything.

Any hurricane –

->Take pictures of your valuables AND the stickers with the serial numbers on it.

-> Have all important documents together and with you. This includes but not limited to: Birth Certificates, Social Security information, marriage/divorce certificates and paperwork, bank information, passports, etc.

-> If you evacuate take above important documents along with any weapons. It sounds bad but good chance for looters to get weapons. Even people will still take advantage of others in shitty situations.

-> If you evacuate take any and all medication with you. I am not talking herbal things like fish oil and multivitamins. I’m talking about prescription medication to as little as ibuprofen and Nyquil. Bonus bring a first aid kit.

-> Try. To. Bring. Your. Animals. With. You.

Please put an effort to try. If anything most people are told to let them loose.

Do. Not. Leave. Them. Tied. Up. Or. In. A. Kennel. Locked. In. Your. Home.

Take a picture of them as well. In case the apca catches them and put them in kennels for people to find after the storm.

-> This past hurricane they have been requesting people to write their phone number on live stock hooves should they be lost to contact owners.

-> Items may be lost and you can get most of them back. However there is only one of you. You, family members, and pets. Please be safe.

This is not limited to Hurricanes!

Not just hurricanes. Floods, fires, and tornadoes too. 

Though… my mom’s aunt’s family lived in an area that was basically a bowl and would flood during every rainstorm. Back in the 70s and 80s things were more lax and to cheat the system they lied and said they owned more than whatever they did so the insurance company would replace their stuff plus give them new stuff. They would pawn the new stuff to make more money, and this happened a lot.

They can’t be as easily tricked these days. Keep receipts. Take photos of everything. Because people like the aunt’s family stole a lot of things and helped make the problem worse for those who actually need help. Insurance companies don’t even believe you when you have proof now thanks to such people but you need to cover all the bases as much as you can.

Advice for anyone evacuating from hurricane Florence, stay safe 💚

Boosting for those that might need this! Be safe from EVERYTHING

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