Why Movies About College are Actually Full of Shit.

This is very important because my brother and I grew up thinking college was like this. Like we would live out a beer commercial.

And when I got to college and it DIDN’T happen, it stressed me out. I thought I was doing something wrong again. I had, apparently, messed up high school according to the media, and now college?! The supposed best time of my life?! It created a big depression, and living far from home made it worse as I had no friends or family I could immediately talk to. It took a long time for me to understand that movies and commercials and shows that portray college like that is complete and utter bullshit.

Also, a reminder: 

Most Americans don’t have college degrees. Of the ones who do, tons of them don’t finish in four years. 

Lots of people go to community colleges. 

Lots of people live at their parents’ house while in school. 

The TV and movie stereotype of college–even just the “everyone goes to college and lives in a dorm” thing–only a tiny minority of Americans actually live that out. 

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