10 more ways to cope with bipolar

25 ways to avoid self injury


A little bit of everything


Alternatives for anger and restlessness

Anti stress breathing tips

Are you feeling okay?


Big master post of masterposts

Bipolar coping skills

Bipolar self help


Bulimia recovery


Calm down

Calm down during a anxiety attack

Calm sounds

Calming manatee

Calming paintbrush

Cheer up!

Choose happy

Click here to smile

Coffee shop

Coffee shop acoustics

Coffee shop tunes

Comfort box

Conquer school

Cool game called ‘the end’ to distract you

Cope with ocd

Cope with panic attacks

Coping with autism spectrum disorder

Coping with bipolar

Coping with borderline personality disorder

Coping with depression

Coping with eating disorders

Coping with exercise addictions

Coping with PTSD

Coping with schizophrenia

Coping with social anxiety

Coping with social anxiety disorder

Coping with weight gain


Daily puppy

Deal with anxiety

Dealing with bipolar without medication

Depression resources masterpost

Disorders/mental illness

Distractions and alternatives for self harm

Do nothing for two minutes

Do yoga to cheer  yourself up

Draw a stickman


Eating disorder support groups

Emergency compliment

Feeling stressed?

Good feelings

Good morning


Finding the right antidepressant


Happy thing masterpost

Helping someone who is suicidal


How to break out of a zip tie

How to care for self harm cuts

How to cope with depression

How to fade and cover scars


Isnt the rain beautiful


Just relapsed?


Learn how to mediate

List of hotlines for everyone

Living with bipolar

Living with someone who has OCD

Look at the stars!

Low on cash but wanting help?


Match the colours

Maybe you want to comfort someone else

Mental health hotlines

More about ocd

More hotlines (UK)

Most relaxing tune according to scientists



Natural depression treatments

Nature not your thing? coffee shop noise

Need a hug??

Never say these things to someone having a panic attack

Note to self


Overcome your eating disorder

Overcoming loneliness


Panic and anxiety


Rad covers

Rainy mood

Rape escape

Really good game to get feelings out

Reasons to live

Resisting the urges


Sand patterns

Self defence tips

Self injury recovery masterpost

Sleepy tunes

Soothing techniques

Sounds to fall asleep to


Speak to people

Spring fling

Stop biting your nails

Stop skipping breakfast

Study playlist

Stupid games to cheer you up (pointless games)

Suicide prevention

Supporting someone with PTSD tips


The butterfly project

The dawn room

The quiet place

The thoughts room

Tips and tricks for dealing with anxiety

Tips to help stop cutting


Understand types of anxiety

Understanding and coping with panic attacks

Understanding and managing anxiety


Wanting to self harm or worse?

Ways to deal with depression/stress

Weave silk to calm down

What are eating disorders?

What cutting does to you

What is autism spectrum disorder?

What is bipolar?

What is borderline personality disorder?

What is depression?

What is generalized anxiety disorder?

What is ocd?

What is panic disorder?

What is PTSD?

What is schizophrenia?

What is social anxiety/social phobia

What to do when someone notices your cuts/scars?

Wheels on the road

When you’re sad?

Work through feelings of social isolation

Wow beautiful nature sounds!

source: Multiple internet sites


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