Yo ADHD folks are you looking for an app to help you remember to get stuff done?

Because if so I’d like to recommend Habitica!

You make a little avatar of yourself!

Totally customizable!

And!!! If you’re wheelchair bound, guess what! Wheelchairs for your avatar are free! Check it out!

You have the categories of Habits, Dailies, and a To-Do list

And every time you check something off, you get health and XP!

Huzzah! I leveled up!

Use your XP to buy items and rewards!

I’ma give my little avatar a new helmet!

You also can get little pets!

I hatched a dragon!

Go on quests!

Need a break? Check in at the Tavern for as long as you need!

It’s a habit tracker and to-do list… As a video game!

And here’s the best part – ITS FREE!

I have gotten so much better at getting things done because when I do I get to check in and get a reward right then! It really works for my ADHD brain so, so much better than just a regular ol checklist and I just really recommend checking it out!

For my fellow ADHD Famders, since I know there are so many of us!

I’ve been looking for apps that will help me remember to do stuff, maybe this will work for me! Thanks!

holy shit this looks fucking amazing

I’ve used this app! I very much like it. It genuinely helped me and I’ve been thinking about using it again lately. Would people be interested in a Fander guild? @thelogicalloganipus @ironwoman359 @moltengoldenstardust

I just did this!! I love it! I’d join the guild!!

Same here I’d love to going a Fander guild

I looked and haven’t seen one started yet but I could be wrong. @ironwoman359 @theonlyjelly-iwillput-inmybelly @loganberrysanders is there one up yet? I also haven’t figured out how to start one.

This is facinating. Thank you for sharing ^_^

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